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Hey, thanks for checking out this blog.  You're probably wondering who I am.  

My name is Nick and I am a Technical Support Engineer working at Kronos.  I'm currently living in Orlando, FL but am originally from Maryland.

ps -ef (what I know)

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Bash
  • Java
  • Assembly
  • Networking concepts
  • Web concepts

/etc (all the rest)

I'm a new parent and loving every minute.  I have a wonderful wife and daughter (they get most of my time 😍).

When I'm not spending time with them, I'm working on developing my skills as a penetration tester by playing around on TryHackMe.  I'm a content creator for them and develop vulnerable machines for everyone to enjoy.  Some of the writeups on this blog are actually rooms that I have created.